What we are...
“PUSH Innovation” is our mantra” ------ we love a good spark of clever thought or full on
details of winning product ideas!  As industrial designers closely working with marketing,
sales and engineering professionals; we love new materials, technology and finding
solutions to new and old product challenges. SZID is a full service product development
group equipped and ready to assist our clients for new global retail market competition.


How we do it...
Utilizing a 4 phase "DESIGNOLOGY" method, we seamlessly move from understanding development criteria to varifying realistic development which we further refine & finalize into viable and successful new products. We achieve this creative “art to part” journey via concept exploration, study models, 3D CAD geometry, ergonomic / human factor studies, testing & rapid prototypying while ultimately preparing for manufacturing and commercialization.

Who we are...
We have enjoyed a range of clients and projects within the different branches of industrial
design which span product development for toys, furniture, exhibit display, sport & safety
equipment, interior environments, consumer electronics, tools, packaging, indentification,
architectural hardware and fixtures, outdoor and patio products------------ we look forward
to this list growing with further project challenges and exciting new opportunities.

When to engage...
Whether it be a napkin sketch idea, or to fully define scope of work for new product lines, we
can certainly have a look! Perhaps its product styling help? Product production through
one of our trusted offshore manufacturing partners? Help with initial retail market research
patent info investigation in order to file an initilal application?  In any case, let’s talk and
learn how we at
SZID can be of assistance.