PHASE 1.o   “ C o m p r e h e n d   &   V i s u a l i z e ”
■ Gather existing design criteria
■ Understand market, end users, technology and perceived problem constraints
■ Observe and study people in similar real-world situations to gain insight & inspiration
■ Research and establish design + marketing + engineering + manufacturing parameters 
■ Brainstorming and concept design development, pencil sketches, internet research, etc.

PHASE 2.o   “ V e r i f y   &   M o d i f y ”
■ Prototype models, mock-ups, competitor sample review,
Ergonomic and human factor considerations, invironmental issues, economic impact, ect.
■ Compliance with applicable standards, laws, mandates and cost targets
■ 3D CAD modeling, photo-real renderings, finite element analysis (FEA), simulations
■ Engineering-Design realization and verification

PHASE 3.o   “ R e f i n e   &   F i n a l i z e ”
■ Feedback from internal teams, outside experts and target market users
■ Rapid prototype assembly, protoypical CNC machining and pre-production samples
Performance testing and mass manufacturing validation
■ Actual cost verification, global market pricing confirmation and corporate target validation
Intellectual property / patent filing preparation

PHASE 4.o   “ I m p l e m e n t   &   C o m m e r c i a l i z e ”
■ Production tooling , dies, fixtures, mold finishes, etc.
■ Polymer / raw material specifications and  sourcing confirmation
■ Final graphics, packaging, color specs, identification, shipping protection and logistics
■ Quality control management
Public relations, advertising and product launch support