Pillars of Success

Pillars of Success


Superior Attitude

Infectious enthusiasm is priority one in our book. Important design and innovation work often calls for a blood-sweat-tears approach to reach new paradigms and wonderful discoveries. Our  leadership style embraces what our Indigenous Partners have held sacred—-Four R’s: Respect for cultural knowledge, traditions, values and activities that individuals bring. Relevance occurs when respect is embedded in our process and narrative. Reciprocity for us is forging relationships where all parties are contributors. Responsibility for change is shared within our teams as we alternate from learner to teacher and designer.


Relentless Curiosity

A “what if mindset” has led humanity to amazing new discoveries and solutions for some of the most wicked problems in our world. We have reached a point in society where answers, data and information are abundant. Questions are the new answers, as questions (we do question-storming sessions) are an opportunity to seek, frame and unlock new insights. Child-like curiosity leads to creative breakthroughs which can then filter through a number of development and refinement processes we use within our mixed-methods design approach.  (Just how does a woodpecker’s tongue really work?)



We are super intrigued with all things and experiences created, made, born and grown—–essentially, a complete fascination with the physical and metaphysical world. As a multidisciplinary design group, our superpower is an ability to approach both structured and chaotic circumstances, often swimming in ambiguity and offer a range of possibilities. Whether it be a respectable intervention or a turn-key solution, our multidimensional design skillsets and research toolkits enable us to complete work and serve a multitude of industries and branches of design. Our expertise and knowledge network is vast and diverse.


Flourishing Strategy​

Throughout the years of our design practice, we have strived to align with more meaningful work while dreaming and innovating responsibly. Flourishing business and design is the attainment of both human and planetary potential while striking a balance at our best. Life Centred Design work helps to progress and strengthen markets and demographics we will need to serve in order to move toward a sustainable future. Life Centred Design asks how can we design as nature does to create products and services that complement our ecosystems instead of creating extra work for it.

How might we work together?
How might we work together?

How might we work together?